Hardwood v PVC

At SBC, we offer a choice of Hardwood or PVC shutters. Each has distinct characteristics best suited to specific environmental conditions.

Our hardwood shutters are lightweight, strong and have a beautiful matt paint finish extenuating their elegant look.

Hardwood shutters are especially well suited to bi-folding panels or where our clients’ intentions are to open and close panels regularly.  Heavier materials add extra weight to the shutters hinges and over time, this will cause panels to drop making it difficult to close panels without bruising the frames.

Our PVC shutters have a steel core and the paintwork is covered with polymer coating making them extremely hardwearing.

They are an excellent choice for commercial installations high moisture environments such as bathrooms, wet rooms and laundries.

Shutter colours

Our most popular colour choices are white, off-white and light grey.  These lighter tones bounce more natural light into the room and accentuate this products clean lines and chic looks.

As standard, we offer 30 different colour options. These include natural wood stains, distressed wood finishes and many darker hues that make fabulous centre pieces in any living space.

For more bespoke look, we also offer a custom paint service.  We are able to manufacture shutters that align perfectly with leading paint suppliers including Farrow and Ball, Little Green and Dulux.  Just provide us with the RAL colour number, and our experience team will oversee the manufacture of beautifully finished, bespoke shutters coated with our anti-fade treatment which will preserve their lustre for many years to come.

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Tilt mechanisms

The tilt mechanism governs how your shutters’ slats open and closed.

Central / Off-Centred Tilt Rods

Shutters made with tilt rods provide a more traditional look. Particularly well suited to period properties, tilt rods can be positioned in the centre or off-centre of the panel.

The tilt rod is attached to each slat by a very discreet stainless steel staple allowing for simple opening and closing of all the slats at the same time.

Hidden tilt mechanism

The hidden tilt mechanism in housed within the shutter’s panel and thereby, doing away with the need for a tilt rod.  It works using a rack and pinion system meaning that on turning a single slat with your hand, all the slats in that section are engaged and move simultaneously.

This hidden tilt mechanism provides a more contemporary look with uninterrupted views of outside through the slats.

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Slat sizes

The slat size you choose is very much a personal choice with some consideration needed towards privacy and light control as well as the size of the window.

At your in-home consultation, you will be shown sample shutters with each of the available slat sizes. It is worth considering that if you are considering using shutters in multiple windows in the house, it looks best to have the same size slats in each window.

47mm slat

Well suited to terraced houses where the windows are directly on the street and privacy from passers-by is the primary concern.  The smaller slats will let less light into the room but this can be counteracted by choosing a café style shutter where natural light can come in over the panels.

64mm slat

This is a classic slat size. Again, popular where privacy is a concern but by virtue of having less slat in the panel, 64mm will allow more light through the slats than 47mm. Work well on smaller windows or café style shutters.

76mm slat

Our bestselling slat size. Suits all windows sizes and balances the dual consideration of light and privacy control beautifully.  Less slats per panel mean more light and gives a trendier, less busy look while maintaining a cosy feel.

89mm slat

Our largest slat offers a contemporary, minimalistic look. When opened, light streams into the room through the wider spaced slats.  Best suited to larger windows and doors set back from the road.



I was really impressed with Richard who was very knowledgeable ... The shutters have completely changed the look and feel of the house inside and out. I would definitely use SBC again.

Sully D

Richard and the team were excellent, highly professional and took great care to install the shutters in our two bay windows perfectly. They look amazing!  We highly recommend SBC for great service and competitive pricing. Thanks for doing an excellent job.

Dan Howarth

Richard fitted my living room bay window with wooden shutters and what a fantastic job. Total professional who exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend SBC! In fact, I have just ordered wooden shutters for the upstairs windows.

Jenny Jones




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